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Building mental health programming for police, fire, and paramedic members and their families.


Firefighters, police and paramedics, Public Safety Personal (PSP), experience heightened operational stressors, including: shift work, exposure to traumatic events, threats to personal safety, witnessing current or past accidents, homicides, assaults, and suicide. Prevalence rates for posttraumatic stress injuries and operational stress injuries range from 8% to 44% and suggest that at least 25,000 full-time Canadian PSP have experienced posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lifetime.

Existing support systems for PSP generally neglect including family members. Thus, the current study will address this gap by designing and examining the effectiveness of an intervention program for PSP family members aimed to support and strengthen the mental health of the PSP member.



the impact of workplace stress on first responders’ family members.


coping supports valued by first responders’ family members.​


preferred modes of delivery that make interventions accessible to first responder family members.

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