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Family First Responder launch coming in 2023 – Sign up now!

Using the data we have gathered from Canadian focus groups, online survey, numerous consultations with helping professionals, police, fire, and paramedic groups, service family support groups, and review of the existing research, we are excited to launch the Family First Responder (FFR) Partner psychoeducational and support program. The main goal of the FFR Partner program is a) to provide psychoeducation and support to spouses/partners of first responders about how operational stress can impact the family, and b) to determine if this program improves individual and family functioning within first responder families.

We are recruiting 160 spouses/partners in police, fire, and paramedic families to take part in our 6-week, virtual FFR Partner program beginning in late January, 2023. In weekly 90-minute sessions with 6-10 other first responder partners/spouses, participants will learn about unique needs and strengths of living in first responder families, the impact of operational stress on family relationships and communication, the importance of values and identity in health functioning, and how to restore balance in family life. Spouse/partners AND their police, fire, or paramedic member will be asked to complete questionnaires pre-program, after each session, post-program, and three months after the last session. Police, fire, and paramedic members AND their spouse/partners participating in the FFR Partner program will also be invited to share biophysiological data via a wearable (e.g., Garmin) before, during, and after the program.

To learn more about the FFR Partner program and to determine if you are eligible to participate, please insert your name and e-mail address here. Someone from our FFR Research Team will connect with you soon.